White iPhone 4 Thicker than Black; not just an optical illusion

It looks like the delayed white iPhone 4 is indeed thicker than its black counterpart. I noticed on a lot of unboxing videos online that people were commenting on how the white iPhone looks bigger than the black; partly, this is down to an optical illusion. Because the white iPhone, funnily enough, is white on both front and back (the two pieces still separated by the metal band, containing the antennae), one’s eye notices the ‘boundaries’ or edges of the phone more. In short, white things look bigger than things that are black, or any other darker colour. What’s interesting though, is that the white iPhone is actually a couple of millimetres thicker than the black version, which is causing a few problems for case manufacturers, not to mention consumers. If you’re after a bumper-style case, then you shouldn’t have a problem, but people using cases that cover the entire device are finding that getting the phone in can be a literal squeeze.

It has been stated that the white iPhone has some extra protective layers, such as an anti-UV layer, as the white coating will be more susceptible to damage by exposure to sunlight, as one would imagine. Is this a catastrophic problem? No. Owners of the black iPhone 4 who use a full-body protection kit, such as InvisibleSHIELD’s Full Body Protector, face similar issues when trying to fit a body hugging case on.