Google Docs in action

Google have released a Google Docs app for Android users. It’ll let you create, edit and upload documents on the go and everything gets stored in your Google cloud. You can also take snaps of documents and use OCR (optical character recognition) to turn photos into text. Heck, you can even just snap a picture and upload it straight to your Google account.

A widget is included and all Android 2.1 or above handsets can install it right now.

Check out our video below to see thwe aWe decided to give you a taste of the app through this video..

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  • Oliver

    Nice but I dont want to store my personal and business documents on Goggles cloud. I want to store them on my phone. Security becomes my issue not Googles and my privacy is under my control.

    • Joleen

      If only that were true. Because your bank, council and almost every other institution already have your info on a cloud.

  • AVFCChis

    Great… been waiting for this for ages