My view of Google’s step to gain control of Android skinning.

My view of Googles step to gain control of Android skinning.

Since the start, Android has always been on the forefront of becoming the largest open source OS. This was to give manufacturers the chance to skin the platform. But, now it seems to be changing.

During the last month, sources have provided us information that all is about to change to the way that Google has regulated their Android operating system. Although this change may not affect us in our everyday lives, we will see changes in the skins that are on the devices; Just like the sense UI from HTC or the integration in Motorola’s MotoBlur.

So, how does that impact you?

The answer is simply, the integration of these skins that are provided by the companies allows the devices to become personal in our lives. The type of integration maybe suited to your business life or your home life.

My thoughts on Google at the moment are really to do with; why are they look at this perspective of their platform? I personally feel that  they should focus on improving and regulating the applications submitted in the Andoid market. If you remember back to the case, a couple of months back, where there were malicious apps located in the Android market. We could see more threat from that then from manufacturer’s skinning devices that run Android. It’s insane to think that Google is beginning to close off the open source platform that was once said by Andy Rubin (Co-founder of Android) that the operating system could be changed and modified in every way possible. Skinning of devices makes each company different to everyone else. If this wasn’t possible, there would be no chance that the sales of Android devices would be dominating the market like today.

So, to close off this situation, i should simply conclude that Google is trying to gain control of it’s platform the wrong way. i think they should focus on their issues with the openness of the Android market not the manufacturers.

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  • Anonymous

    The heavy commercialisation of Android over the past year is having a strong impact on its open nature, too. When something becomes as high-profile as Android consumers tend to have certain expectations of it, thus (as you said) Google need to start taking charge of it more. A completely open-source OS like Maemo is kept afloat entirely by developers, whereas Android is starting to swing away from that.

  • A1472570

    The spelling mistakes in this piece are awful.

  • Greatness

    Your right, I like waiting extra years to get to the latest version of android because of carriers and manufacturers.

  • The skins need to be optional downloads

  • Alex

    Yes, can someone please edit the articles before publishing them? If not, at least hire people who can write in correct English.

    • In fairness the writers don’t get paid to contribte. They do it because they’re enthusiastic about the subject matter.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve re-checked this article. Apologies all but I do agree with Ravi too

  • Anonymous

    HTC wouldn’t be the brand it is today without HTC Sense. It’s really that simply. Google would be insane to prevent one of their biggest OEMs from doing this.

    There are plenty of phones with the native Android skin, go elsewhere if you dislike Android skins!

    p.s – I agree about cleaning up the Android market. I really, really don’t want to get to the stage I have to run Anti-malware software on my phone.

  • They need to decouple skins from the OS so that each can be updates independently. Apps like LauncherPro don’t hinder Android updates whereas Sense is so deeply integrated that the base OS can’t be updated without a lot of additional tinkering on HTC’s part.

    HTCs are more like Sense phones with access to the Android market. You really are paying for the Sense experience.

  • None

    This article is exceedingly badly written, it badly needs proof reading

  • zanedabrain

    I completly disagree, as I think this is by far the biggest issue that android has. Applications that are in the market with malware is a problem, but having 60% of devices not on the latest version of the OS because the manufacturers haven’t released an update is the reason malware is a problem.

    • Anonymous

      All, spelling errors have now been corrected. Many thanks for pointing these

      Leigh Geary (Gears)


        open souce????

        • Anonymous


    • Samlui4321

      I see your point here

  • Samlui4321

    Note, this was written on a phone using a bluetooth keyboard and no spell check.