What the future holds for Nokia and Microsoft

The Microsoft and Nokia deal has been completed. A post on the Nokia website states that ..

Nokia and Microsoft have signed the definitive agreement for our strategic partnership to build a new global mobile ecosystem that is unlike any other.

Nokia have even taken on the “Developers, Developers, Developers” mantra from Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and state that there’s a huge level of interest and excitement in Windows Phone.

Dates for the first Windows Phone 7 devices from Nokia are still a little cloudy with “volume shipments” arriving in 2012 and the “first delivery” arriving sometime this year. Nokia say that we will see “unique innovation and differentiation across hardware, software and services” on their handsets and that “you, the consumer, (will be) at the heart of our experience”.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtCaUh0x_nI’]

In related news, Nokia has seen a 4% drop in market share – down to 29%. Although profits for the first quarter were better than expected at £304 million.

Link – Nokia.com

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  • Dan James

    n8 with windows 7 for me please.

    • Craig Bradshaw

      Make that Windows 8 – should be more optimised for touch-experience

      • Anonymous

        ??? Windows Phone 7 *IS* optimised for touch devices.

        • Craig Bradshaw

          Yes it is, but Dan said Windows 7….I thought he meant the OS – perhaps he meant WP7 instead. If so – my bad :)

  • Craig Bradshaw

    Leigh, I especially like the addition of the “In related news…” item. So they seal a deal with Microsoft and their market price takes a hit? Not sure what that means really.

  • Dan James

    i meant phone 7, but what i have read of windows 8 so far its going to kill any android / apple os currently out there for tablets!