Coolsmartphone Recommended App: LiveProfile

LiveProfile is a device-to-device messaging app for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It works on a similar basis to Blackberry Messenger, whereby you are required to create an account and then you are assigned a PIN. Other LiveProfile users who have your PIN can become friends with you, and start chatting, and vice versa. LiveProfile isn’t just marketing their app as a chat app; they’re adamant that it’s a mini social network, as it also allows photo and video sharing, as well as the ability to create and customise your own profile. You can also link LiveProfile up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you can tweet and/or update your status right from the app itself. The benefit of it being cross-platform is that you aren’t restricted to messaging friends who only have one type of device; because it sends messages through a data connection, you can message anyone in the world for free. The app itself is also completely free for download.

The interface is extremely simple and easy to use, and the dark accents are easy on the eyes. The official blog stated that LiveProfile had gained over one million users in just five days; unlike some other similar messaging apps, it seems to have taken off and is gaining huge popularity. Although I personally don’t have many contacts just yet, I can see this replacing the various cross-platform messaging apps I currently use, such as Pingchat. Let’s hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate that Kik Messenger did on Blackberry.

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