Coolsmartphone goes mobile

Right, I’ve had a fair amount of stick about this. During our huge facelift earlier this year we dumped the original mobile site. A lot of you use mobile websites and wanted this functionality back. An even greater number found that our new site didn’t render properly in your mobile browser. Personally I’ve found that newer phones do show pages but some other handsets tend to freak out a little and jump all over the page, leaving you looking at some white space miles to the left of the actual post you want.

We’ve worked on the mobile version of our site for some time but have struggled to get it working using all the “normal plugins” available. As of today you can click links from our Twitter feed or elsewhere and they’ll open up in a mobile-friendly manner. Don’t worry, you can still open pages in the “Desktop browser” if you want and you can even go direct to our mobile site right now on

We are still working on certain areas of the mobile site as we speak, so expect things to develop in weeks to come.

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Coolsmartphone goes mobileCoolsmartphone goes mobile