Motorola Xoom Videos – What Do You Want To See?

So I posted my immediate thoughts after having my Motorola Xoom WiFi only a short period earlier in the week. If you missed the post, you can have a read here.

With so much chatter around debating the strengths and weaknesses of Android’s latest OS on the Xoom, it’s difficult to know who to believe isn’t it? Couple that with the fact that it’s not incredibly easy to nip down to your local store and try out a Xoom, with many PC World stores not yet having a “one-touch” feel with the newer devices.

With that in mind, I’m going to attempt to help bridge that particular gulf by publishing Videos of what you want to see of the device and the intricacies of Android’s latest OS.

Perhaps Browser speed and stability is your particular interest? Maybe the ability to play media, both local and streamed is a deal breaker for you? Whatever it may be simply get in touch with your request, and I’ll attempt to cover the most frequently requested features of the device in upcoming videos.

Get in touch via Tweeting me @CraigyTweets or by posting a comment in the section below. Get requesting so I can get filming!