Which App Shall I Review?

So you can all see that the ‘Android App Review Show’ is back up and running. I no longer have the stress and strain of University to distract me, and I have a degree in Multimedia Technology and Design under my belt to help me make a professional show for you!

So, since it is indeed for you, what would you guys like me to do? These videos are supposed to help you choose the best apps from the HUGE library that are offered for the Android platform, so what better way to help you guys out than to open up the floor and listen to all suggestions! If you see an app in the store that costs and your not sure if it’s worth it (especially with the new refund rules) then let me know and I will see if I can put together a video for you. If you’re a developer and what to get the word out about your new app, let me know and I will feature you. If you just plain what to give me work to do…let me know about an app and I will add it to the list!!

So, you can get in contact with me in a couple of ways. How about sending and email to tom@coolsmartphone.com? Or you could drop me a quick tweet @TomkinsonR. I am open to all suggestions, after all this is your show.

Crane Driver - iPhone Game Review
HTC Sense 3.0 already ported to Desire HD
  • Dave


    • Tom Ranson

      Yeah, apps that aren’t going to make me and this site look like a joke… :-/

      • Hello

        I think the new writers do a stellar job making this site look like a joke.

        “What do you want me to write about?”

        • Tom Ranson

          It’s a shame you feel like that. However my post has resulted in 10s of emails from development companies interested in being featured so I must be doing something right. It’s hard to make a show designed to help people without first asking them what they would like help with…?

        • Anonymous

          If you don’t like the content, go elsewhere; don’t just throw out non-constructive comments.

  • ItemSize

    Why don’t you review the coolsmartphone app? Oh yeah, that’s right. You ain’t got one. Is this site even Tapatalk friendly?

    • looeee

      I get an empty page viewing this site on the native desireHD browser and opera mini

  • Shane

    wow I knew we had some idiots about but you guys, seriously, congratulations on being so dam cool and having to write those comments