HTC Sensation Hands On Video

Whilst at the HTC event today I managed to get a quick hands on video with the Sensation and with a member of the team there talking me through some key points.

One thing which the people who arrange press events must take into account when arranging them is the lighting, whilst it might look different and eye catching sitting in the event, trying to get decent video is always a pain but at least you get a quick idea about the handset in the video below

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  • John Waddingham

    Have I at last seen a phone to replace my trusty Desire?

  • NJG

    I had a brief go on one at the gadget show live… its looking good, the live weather wallpaper is amazing and its fast. I’m looking forward to it coming out asap… hmmm maybe my next phone :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m not due to change my phone until Dec so I’m kinda hoping that we will be in the realms of the Sensation S by then ;o)
    At the moment, even if I could change I’m not so sure I would, it is gimmiccally (is that a word?) Superior but ultimately, is it good enough to WANT to swap in the Desire? I’m not so sure that it is. An upgraded (read freshened up) U/I, an Dual LCD 8MP camera, fancy glass and case and a few indecernable improvements with the processor doesn’t really float my boat.
    It still appears that it is going to suffer with a pathetic internal memory (No I don’t want to root thank you) and until apps like Facebook and Maps support Apps 2 SD this is always going to be the major ballache with these phones. Maybe the Sensation S will have a decent memory…… ;o)