Twitter clients, a mini poll.

Now then, this was never meant to be an idea for a blog post, but an innocent question on twitter prompted an excellent response, sufficient for me to put the findings on here.

Clearly this is a very scientific study carried out with painstaking effort and to the finest detail…..

So, I asked what people use for a Twitter client on their phones and PC’s, some only use phones, others only use PC’s, some use tablets. I’ve broken down the results into those three sections.

Some people just had one client for (say) phone, while others gave answers for all three types of devices.


  • Tweetdeck: 16
  • Twicca: 4
  • Plume: 4
  • Seesmic: 2
  • Twitter: 1


  • Tweetdeck: 17
  • Seesmic: 2
  • Twitter: 3.5 (One was occasional..)


  • Twitter for ipad: 4
  • Tweetdeck: 2
  • Seesmic: 1
  • Plume: 1

So, what does this tell us? Tweetdeck kicks some serious twitter butt!

Now things to take into consideration, the majority of replied would of been from Android users, I’m not sure if there was one reply from a Blackberry or Windows phone user? There was a few iphone replies, but they generally reflected the Android answers.

Most noticeable is that the official Twitter applications both on phones and Desktops are not really used, Based on this conclusive poll I’d suggest Twitter will have to tighten down on the usage so they can target advertising better and generate some income- if people don’t use it, advertisers won’t spend the money.

Interestingly, I personally use Tweetdeck on the phone as I feel it’s the nicest to use, but I’ve always longed for more options and settings to modify it, but stuck with it purely because of it’s smooth use. Options obviously don’t count for as much as a nice user interface.

Just a bit of fun,thats all…


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