Xperia Play…. Hands On

We have just had a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play turn up for review today so here is a quick video overview of the device and what you get in the box.  This device was kindly loaned to us by Clove Technology

One thing I did miss in the video (it had been a long day after all) was the front facing camera meaning the Xperia Play can use Video Calling with apps such as Tango which we used recently on an iPhone 4 to a Desire S.

If you have any questions about the Xperia Play please ask and they will be answered asap and then be sure to keep an eye out for a full review coming soon!.

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  • Fishfiend

    Only one thing with this phone above all others….battery life/

    • Dilu Ali

      Do you know if the battery life is any good?

    • Anonymous

      Why? If you game on any phone the battery life is going too take a considerable hit. If you find yourself gaming over an hour a day then a spare battery is an option. If I was buying a phone like this I would get a spare battery day 1.

      My question is would you spend £500 on such a low specced device just for a gamepad? I just ordered an icp for my nexus one which will game almost as well as the xperia play. My phone is now 14 months old. Will all the dualcore stuff coming there is no way I would consider this overpriced outdated phone.

      • 1rkkk6f

        are you poor!?! 

        • Anonymous

          O2 are selling the galaxy s2 for £399. £70 less for a phone that blows the
          play away. The xperia play is WAY overpriced.

  • Dilu Ali

    Hmmm, the review I read here says that Tango doesn’t work at the moment, please someone tell me if that reviewer is on crak or somethin. I really want to use video chat on the phone and Tango is the only app that does it i dont like fring.

  • Would I be mad in saying that I’m not that interested in the Playstation games, but more what you can do with other emulators? Can you tell us what it is like using Yongzh’s emulators? I want to use the Playstation controls as I ain’t a fan of using the touch screen as a controller for games. Do they allow this?

  • Kwanjiaxian

    my touchscreen didnt work!and i bought it for just four days.