Block unwanted callers with Mr Number

Cold-callers get on my pip. We’ve all had them. You sign up for something, fill in a form or add your mobile number to an email only to receive dozens of “Withheld numbers”. It’s annoying. Luckily there’s an app called Mr Number which blocks unwanted calls and texts. It’s completely free and I started using it after a tip from Anthony McLean and I love it.

It’ll block withheld (private) numbers or any other number you want. You can choose to either send calls to voicemail or pick up and then hang up the call. You can also position where you want alerts to show and whether it should notify you that a call has been blocked.

Free, simple, quick. A great app. It’s available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.

Link – Mr Number

Block unwanted callers with Mr NumberBlock unwanted callers with Mr Number

Block unwanted callers with Mr NumberBlock unwanted callers with Mr Number

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  • Steve

    This all well and good expect it overlooks the fact that there are a lot of people who choose to have their caller ID witheld on their landline automatically.

    • Acomment

      Seems like banks and hospitals do this too, its a pain.

  • Jon

    Usually people who are selling you something tho…

  • Reehanjameel

    Can’t find it for the iPhone 4.

  • Mygirlsa2z

    I have iphone 4s and i downloaded app and i subscribe to mr number why is it i can’t block numbers on my iphone i was able to on my android phone i have.  if there is no solution i’m unsubscribing cause what’s the point?  can someone tell me how to block numbers please

  • Fdf

    Erroneous info above! Not supported on anything other than android phones, according to their own website.

  • anonymous

    what happened to the app? i can’t find it, and i used to have the app before and it worked fine. 

  • Matt

    The blocking feature on this app only works for andriod not apple. Apple does not let you block numbers. I do know for a fee AT&T well block numbers

    • trevhaze

      so why did my iPhone 3gs just ring once then show the caller as “blocked”, and no its not jailbroken

  • snos2

    if your jailroken use cydia and search iblacklist