Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App – Go Contacts

Go Contacts is a replacement for your normal contacts app. If you run HTC Sense there is not much point in reading this as your “People” app does everything this does. This app is more for the people who have an Android device without a fancy skin on it, like Acer roms or Cyanogen roms.

The main that this app brings is the ability to group contacts. so you can have groups for friends, family, work people and restaurants. This grouping is synced to Google as well. The stock contacts app only allows favourites and no groups. It also allows you to do other things such as smart dialling, speed dialling, you can merge contacts and the app has a couple of themes available for it as well. The app also installs a seperate dialler app. Which ties in with the contacts app seamlessly. It’s free as well so no major problem if you hate it.

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