Android App Review Show

Well it’s been a while since the last episode hasn’t it?

I was forced to take a hiatus from producing the show on account of the growing amount of projects I had to undertake for my University degree but as of today that has all finished. Hopefully after graduation in July I will be a fully fledged Video Engineer with a degree in Multimedia Technology and Design

Enough of me however, the purpose of this post is to direct your attention to the new ‘Android App Review Show’ in it’s new format. For every app that I take on to review there will be an initial ‘First Look’ video and then a week later a more in depth view of it’s core features.

This week I take a look at AllSport GPS. Trimble Outdoors had contacted me before about reviewing AllSport GPS, to which I accepted and gave them a glowing review. However this time round they have redesigned the whole app and allowed me to be included in the pre-release viewings, watch the video for a quick first look and stay posted for the full review coming next week.

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