Real users receiving real NoDo update

The Windows Phone 7 NoDo update is arriving right now. We’re getting emails and tweets, so it must be happening. HTC HD7 handsets are receiving the update so you can now soak up the copy and paste goodness, though we’re still hearing of Mozart owners only just getting the February update.

Let us know if your handset has received the update and what you’re thinking of the changes so far.Real users receiving real NoDo update

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  • Just received the February update on my Omnia 7 on Orange, so not holding out much hope of a NoDo update anytime soon!

  • fancyabrew

    got a Mozart on Orange and no sign of any update as of Friday anyway

  • Rooster

    As I type, my Windows Phone 7 Connector software on my Macbook Pro is picking up the NoDo update.

    HTC Mozart – Orange UK

    This is the second update, first I had to apply the pre-update.

    *** Tip for Mac users – at first the phone said update available, but computer said no!

    Then, I realised I had the version 1.0 Beta WP7 Connector software on my Mac.

    Once I downloaded the 1.1 version, bingo. ***

    Nodo here I come!

    • fancyabrew

      now got the first update on my Mozart so I’ll see what happens tonight and see if I get the NoDo

  • Mozart user

    Got the update on my Orange UK HTC Mozart. The only issue was that after the update the date and time had been changed to be wrong. Works fine otherwise.

  • Dan James

    Just updated to NoDo and i must say, despite its small updates its been worth the wait for 1 major reason.

    I never used to bother with facebook apps and stuff like that, i would just check it on my pc every now and again as i work in an office, but with the new update, it cuts the load time down from around 20 seconds to 1-2 seconds. Making it just as quick to load as the iphone version (and i prefer the windows version).

    All my games etc i have tested also load excessively quicker.

    Cheers MS for a good update (despite the delay), now lets get better push notifications (or even background updating) sorted and i will have 0 complaints about this phone.