A week with the HTC Desire S – Day Two

It’s day 2 with the HTC Desire S and today we take a look at the battery, microSD, SIM and the battery cover which doubles-up as the antenna. Also included is a demo of how you get around the lack of optical trackball and a super close-up tour of some apps and the phone itself.

As ever, do let us have your questions..

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UuIYYBPkAA’]

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  • Alxzsites

    Is the front screen Gorilla Glass or at least scratch-resistant ?
    How about a preview of HTC Sense Navigation. How different is it from Google Maps?
    How is the video playback? What are the formats supported?

  • mzero

    In one of the reviews they mention that the phone has iphone 4 like death grip issues but it affects only the wifi. if you hold it in landscape mode etc and you cover up the removable cover then the wifi drops signal and disconnects. can you please check this out how it will behave ?

  • Anonymous

    what is the image / video capture like? is the locations app rebranded footprints? can you change the lock screen in personalise like on the evo 4g 3d

    • Anonymous

      and what is the fornt camera like – what apps support it? and how much rom / ram / how big is the stock sd and what class?

      • Anonymous

        and how well does flash 10.2 work