Firefox 4 for Android now available

Firefox 4 for Android now availableIn addition to the new version 4 of the desktop browser Mozilla have also released Firefox 4 for Android. It dishes up a better response, faster scrolling and a better overall user experience with Firefox Sync.

The app closely follows the look and feel of the desktop version and is available for free from the Android Market. A few handsets aren’t supported just yet (Droid or the Milestone), but it’s well worth the download.

Links – Firefox 4 for

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  • Guest

    It looks ok, but I’m not sure if there is anything that screams at me to replace the standard browser with this. Can anyone who uses Firefox mobile give a convincing argument for? :)

  • Having installed FF4 on my desktop, I thought I’d try out the sync stuff by installing it on my phone, but it doesn’t seem to be available for my 2.1 Hero :(

  • Anonymous

    Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile (not Opera Mini) use far too much storage space up. I cannot afford 12-20Mb on my HTC Desire. Dolphin HD is excellent and is only 3-4Mb. The stock Android browser is also very good.

    Most of my desktop bookmarks aren’t really suitable for smartphone use. I only visit a handful of sites on my smartphones. In short I don’t need sync.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have experience in that firefox android version.. I think good response came from user experience..
    Aluminium Kozijnen

  • I’m happy with the stock browser and also use Opera Mini when I’m on 2G and trying to save battery.

  • Ozzah

    My Desire HD chewed through 30% of its battery in about 2 hours. When I checked the battery usage statistics I can see that 73% of that battery drain came from firefox. I uninstalled it straight away.