Amazon Appstore for Android launched today

Earlier today Amazon officially launched their Appstore for Android. The store will feature apps that have been given Amazon’s seal of approval which we hope means that it will be free of all the crapware that plagues the Android Market.

Amazon will be giving away a free app every day and to mark the launch they’ve managed to bag the brand new Angry Birds Rio as an exclusive and are making it available gratis. The only catch is that purchases are currently limited to US users only. I managed to download the Appstore by signing up via the above link but was left disappointed when I tried to download the game.

The actual store itself is fairly nice to browse. We’ll bring you a more considered opinion when we’ve had the chance to have a good look around. There are roughly 4000 apps at launch which I’m sure will grow exponentially over time.

Let us know what you think once you’ve had a browse!