Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App – Sweet Home! Image WIFI PC Sync

Sweet Home! is a backup tool, tt works over wifi and creates a backup of your images. What you need for this app to work is wifi and a shared folder somewhere on your network. This folder can be on a network attached storage drive (NAS), a shared folder on a computer or a folder on a server. You give the folder a name, install the app on your device, turn wifi on and the rest is handled by the app.

The app will sync the contents of your “DCIM” folder on your memory card, including any subfolders and videos. The app can also handle any passwords needed to access the shared folders (the user name and password in the image are not mine). You can set the app up so that the second your device connects to the network it will sync, as long as the shared folder is available.

Overall it is a great app, it is great having a copy of my photos and videos on my network drive especially if I want to print any photos off or watch any videos. It would be nice if the app could handle any folder on the memory card, backing up downloads and wallpapers etc.

Update – The developers have said they are thinking about adding an advanced options section in future releases to add the ability to backup other folders.

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