Xobni for Gmail, iPhone and Android soon in beta

The people behind Xobni, the superb plug-in for Outlook, are looking for beta testers for Gmail ,iPhone and Android.

For those that don’t know what Xobni is (Inbox backwards….), this is a free plug-in for your Outlook email on the PC and Blackberry. It is basically a powerful search device. Sounds simple and I can’t convince you here how good it is, but trust me, once you have it on your PC you’ll be lost without it. This is especially true if you, like me, have rather a lot of emails and are rather lazy sorting them out.

Today Xobni announced via their blog that they are soon bringing out a beta for Gmail, iPhone and Android.

Link – blog.xobni.com

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  • Is it me or is there a lot of typos in this article? Like missing spaces after commas and capitalisation of acronyms?

  • Anonymous

    It makes Outlook really cluttered IMO. A combination of Vista/Win7 with Outlook instant search integration + Outlook’s Social Connector (2003/2007 add-on, included in 2010) gives pretty much everything Xnobi gives anyway but it’s much cleaner.

    I’ve signed up for the Android beta though. I never use the Gmail Webmail preferring Outlook and HTC Mail.

  • Sounds like they’ll be stepping on HTC’s toes a bit..