PAYG Android Phone Under £30!

T-Mobile have just reduced the Pulse Mini handset to £29.99 when purchased with a £10 topup.  Included in that quite amazing price is 6 months free internet worth £20, plus 100 Minutes next month and every month you topup by £10.

PAYG Android Phone Under £30!PAYG Android Phone Under £30!

Running Android 2.1 (Eclair), 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, HSDPA and including a 2GB memory card the Pulse Mini is a great purchase for those of you looking at getting into Android or who want a bargain.

And yes if you see the image above you also get a choice of Pink or Black! (Pink is a website exclusive)

Link: T-Mobile Pulse Mini

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  • Jack

    I bought one of these for my teenage son when they were £79 and it lasted 2 weeks! Its an awful phone and the screen makes it almost impossible to use the stylus provided. Maybe £30 makes it just about right. Better to save a little more and get a proper PAYG phone or get a used G2.

  • you get what u pay for, was thinking of getting this for my ten year old (loves angry birds).

  • My Hero can’t handle Angry Birds, so I doubt this will.

    • really? thats disappointing. better not tell him, he might turn into an angry bird himself, ;)

      • It installs and everything, but it’s so slow that it’s unplayable. It might work on the Pulse, but I doubt the hardware is any better than the Hero.

  • These phones are a double edged sword. On the one hand they create a low entry point for Android but on the other they often leave users with a very bad impression of Android. One of my mates used to have a Pulse and now has an iPhone 4. He keeps going on about how the iPhone just works but how can you compare a £90 handset with a £500 one!