LG Optimus 2X Rooted before it’s released in the UK.

Well, this is fanboi news of a sort, but there does seem to be a buzz around this phone from Android fans so I felt it was worth a little news post!

All round good egg and Android¬†genius Paul O’Brien has sourced an LG Optimus 2X before it’s UK release and ¬†worked his magic, rooting the phone!

For those that know, I need explain no further, for those that don’t, basically rooting an Android phone allows all sorts of goodness to happen with the phone, custom roms,un-approved software,removing all sorts of rubbish the manufacturers and networks put on the phone, performance tweeks…….

Paul is also proposing a group buy with all sorts of goodies in the package, check it out here: Modaco

Oh,and best wishes to both Paul and Leigh and their families,if you follow them on twitter you’ll know why.

Edited to add Pauls name…Doh.