LG Optimus 2X Rooted before it’s released in the UK.

Well, this is fanboi news of a sort, but there does seem to be a buzz around this phone from Android fans so I felt it was worth a little news post!

All round good egg and Android genius Paul O’Brien has sourced an LG Optimus 2X before it’s UK release and  worked his magic, rooting the phone!

For those that know, I need explain no further, for those that don’t, basically rooting an Android phone allows all sorts of goodness to happen with the phone, custom roms,un-approved software,removing all sorts of rubbish the manufacturers and networks put on the phone, performance tweeks…….

Paul is also proposing a group buy with all sorts of goodies in the package, check it out here: Modaco

Oh,and best wishes to both Paul and Leigh and their families,if you follow them on twitter you’ll know why.

Edited to add Pauls name…Doh.