How many app markets do we need?

The title says it all really. With the Amazon app market coming up soon, do we really need another app market?

I know that some of these markets offer an alternative market for tablets that do not have market access, such as Archos using Appslib and there are some markets which let people install apps over the air, such as appbrain.

The latest alternative market from Amazon seems to just be another market. There are many questions though. Will apps through Amazon will be cheaper? Will Amazon give developers a better deal than Google? Will Amazon be easier to use? Will there be more control over copyright issues? The answers will soon be revealled.

I think the Amazon app market will probably be a better option for device manufacturers who are not allowed access to the official Android market. It will also be easier for people to use as most people have an Amazon account. But it ends there. I can’t see any further use for it.

So let us know, will you be using the Amazon app market? Can you see a further use for Amazon? Do you use any of the current alternatives? Should Google have took an approach similar to the Apple app store?

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  • I’m not sure about it either… what about keeping apps in sync? People will use both markets, and it is up to the developer to make sure that both versions are the same, but Amazon do checks like Apple with app submissions IIRC.

  • Couple of good things about it:

    – amazon check every app (hq apps, no malware)
    – can be used on non-google devices
    – opens up purchases to those countries who couldn’t buy apps before
    – implemented into the amazon store, recommendations integrated too

    Bad Things

    – amazon check every app (slow to market)
    – devs get no control over pricing (thus their profit)
    – may not come pre-installed
    – will not be available to download from the official market

    Personally I’ll probably continue to use the official store, but I may use teh amazon store to take advantage of cheaper prices (which will happen sometimes as amazon will apply special offers)

  • Anonymous

    If there are more markets competing, then surely it’s only going to be a good thing for consumers.

    If there’s demand for a certain feature and one market offers that, it will benefit, putting pressure on other markets to improve their offering.

    There will also be price competition, meaning that as well as potentially getting faster improving market software, consumers may end up with better priced Apps.

    I’m all for competition!

    • Howard

      That is my opinion exactly.. apple are doing so well because there is no competition with their app store so they can do as they please..

      With the 2 andriod markets it will mean more and cheaper apps!

  • […] I think the Amazon app market will probably be a better option for device manufacturers who are not allowed access to the official Android market. […]
    who knows… maybe you are right… but in my opinion it is not the best option. but i have no suggestion from me.. need to think about a little)

  • As someone who uses the Android Market and App Store daily I really hope that the Amazon Market is closer to the latter than the former. Even leaving aside the quality of apps, the Android Market just doesn’t offer that great a browsing experience and Amazon with all their know how should hopefully be able to put this right.

    Also, Apple have proved that most people are happy to have a highly regulated store which promises higher quality, more secure apps. The benefit of Android is that we can have the best of both worlds since we’re not just stuck with one approach.