Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App – SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore lets you backup and restore your sms messages! This could be helpful for many reasons, you could be swapping phones, you could have a new phone, you could have recently reset your phone or you could have installed a custom rom to your phone.

The app creates an xml file on your memory card that can be emailed or transfered to another phone. You can create scheduled backups of your messages every day or every couple of hours.  Once you have the file on your new phone you just install the app and choose to Restore from the menu and it does the rest. There are a lot of settings to play with, so you can make the app work the way you want. Overall it is a great app that helps me never loose any messages after wiping etc.

Market Link – SMS Backup & Restore

Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App   SMS Backup & RestoreCoolsmartphone Recommended Android App   SMS Backup & RestoreCoolsmartphone Recommended Android App   SMS Backup & RestoreCoolsmartphone Recommended Android App   SMS Backup & Restore

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  • Stuart Mcgregor

    Nice, simple app that is invaluable.

  • Can recommend it as well. Nicely backed up and restored all my messages once I’ve upgraded Cyan 6.1.1 to 7.0.0-RC2 on my DesireZ. However, it doesn’t seem to handle MMS backup/restore.

  • Anonymous

    Check out SMS Backup+. It’s free and backs up SMS/MMS to Gmail, so you can read them as regular e-mails but also restore them back to your phone if it’s lost/stolen.

    It’s a must have for me.

    • Matt

      Have to agree. I tried them both a while back and SMS Backup+ was better for me. Having access to them on Gmail is a very nice touch.

      • Rible

        I recommend VeryAndroid SMS Backup. It is a smart andriod sms backup software that can copy and backup sms on Android phone to computer, restore sms backup file to any android phone, and also send messages or chat with a friend on computer directly, exactly the same as that you do on your android phone.

        It can help you:
         – Copy and backup sms from Anroid phone to computer.
         – Restore sms from CSV to android phone any time.
         – Send SMS & SMS Chat on computer directly.
         – Transfer sms to android phone from other phones (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry etc).
         – View sms messages in threading mode on computer.

  • I much prefer SMS Backup ( It backs up SMSs to Gmail and even keeps the conversation view. Also handily add an “SMS” label to them.