Coolsmartphones Recommended Android Apps – Cardio Trainer.

Now then, don’t dismiss this thinking it’s an app for Fitness freaks and Beefcakes! No no, this is actually a quite interesting little app that can just be used for that mundane ‘exercise’ we all do-walking.

I decided to go for a walk with my wife this morning as it was such a nice day, but I though,we do this walk quite often, but I have no idea of distance and decided to look for an app to monitor our walk.

Basically, you tell the app what you are doing, set a few parameters and away you go!

It records Calories used,distance travelled,GPS location and route taken,Time taken,average speed and has a nifty graph showing movement.

It’ll also sync with your google account to keep your history safe and secure. There is a voice alert (Switchable) that updates  as various points (Time,distance etc) and it also will switch off when it senses you’ve stopped moving.

I’ve only used it the once, but it’s interesting to me not for the exercise part, but more for the monitoring your journey,hence why I’ve put it on here as i feel it’s of interest to all,I mean, you could start it at work and see how far you cover going from the toilet to the desk! There is much more to this that I haven’t yet discovered.

All in all,very impressive for free!

Some screen grabs below:

Android market link: Cardiotrainer

There is also a widget that is a free separate app.

Below is a grab of my mornings walk / The ‘history’ page/Front page.