My 18 months contract with Orange for my HTC Hero expired last month and for the first time ever I’ve plumped for a 12 month SIM only deal. My Hero, great phone as it was, only lasted me 7 months before I caved in and bought a HTC Desire on the day of release from T-mobile. I did love the Hero but from day one it was just lacking that little bit of power which always reminded me that great as it was, it wasn’t really cutting edge spec wise.

Twelve months on and the Desire is still running strong and will probably last me a good while yet. Spec wise it more than holds it’s own with the newer phones being released today and I’ve never thought that it wasn’t powerful enough for my needs.

Such is my gadget fever that I can’t actually remember the last time I had a phone for over a year. Once six moths have gone by my eyes usually start to wander and before long I’m trying to invent justifications for why an upgrade isn’t just desirable but necessary. However, looking around at the newest devices I can’t see anything that seems like a worthy upgrade to my trusty Desire. The latest phones are still running at the 1GHz mark, albeit with newer processors offering a bit more power efficiency and better GPUs. But there’s nothing like the jump up I experienced when switching from my Hero.

And even if there was, so what! As I’ve already said, I’ve never found that my Desire is unable to comfortably handle the tasks which I throw at it. At this point in time I can’t really see the benefit of upgrading to a newer phone given the incremental improvements I’d enjoy. Now I’m not against progress, it’s good to see tech keep improving but to me it just feels that we’ve reached a stage where even midrange hardware is at least good enough.

It’s hard to find much difference between the various high end phones available right now. There seems like so many options but little actual choice. To be clear, I’m not saying that these are bad smartphones. On the contrary I firmly believe that new buyers have never had it so good. It’s just that the rapid innovation and progress of the last few years seem to have slowed markedly of late.

Maybe that’s why I bought an iPod Touch a few months ago. Android wise there was nothing new that was exciting me so instead I thought I’d try out iOS to get a feel for how it works and compares. I’m pleased with my choice and feel like I actually got something new and fresh. If I’d picked up a Desire S something tells me I wouldn’t feel the same.