Coolsmartphone Recommended Android Apps – Clock Widgets Part 1

I have been looking at various different clock widgets trying to come up with one to recommend. This is an almost impossible task. There are so many different designs and styles out there. There are three main types of clock widgets “fully featured”, “minimal” and “ordinary”. I will try and recommend a few of each type that I think are worth a try.

Today I will look at the all singing all dancing battery draining fully featured clock widgets.

Fancy Widget is the first clock widget to look at. It gives you a 4×2 widget with a digital clock, weather and battery information on the widget. The developers website also has a range of skins that can be applied to the widget as well. There is a pro version as well which has all sorts of different size widgets as well.

Link – Fancy Widget

Coolsmartphone Recommended Android Apps   Clock Widgets Part 1Coolsmartphone Recommended Android Apps   Clock Widgets Part 1Coolsmartphone Recommended Android Apps   Clock Widgets Part 1

Next up is are a couple of clocks from one developer. This developer seems to have created some clock widgets that look VERY similar to clock widgets contained in various manufacturers roms. They are all in the Android market. There is MIUI Digital Weather Clock, 3D Digital Weather Clock and various Sense Analog Clock Widgets. They all offer weather and the time. The MIUI widget can dsiplay system info on the widget and 3D clock has various hotspots on the widget which quickly take you the configuration page or a system info page.

MIUI widget is the first two pictures and then 3D widget is the third and fourth pictures.

Link – MIUI3D

Lastly we have Go Weather. It is very similar to the others but this one “goes all-out on the eye candy and includes dazzling high definition videos, taking your weather experience to the next-level” to quote their market description, it also includes a live weather wallpaper and a selection of different sized widgets ie 4×1 and 2×1.

Link – Go Weather