Carphone Warehouse price up the Xoom – £599.99

Carphone Warehouse price up the Xoom   £599.99We took time out last month at Mobile World Congress to get a hands-on with the new Motorola Xoom. It packs a 10.1″ screen, dual cameras, HD / HDMI, dual-core 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM and 32GB internal RAM. After a few ups and downs the WiFi-only version appeared on the PC World website for £499.99. Carphone Warehouse have now put the 3G-equipped model online for an eye-watering £599.99… yes, a full £100 more for true mobile browsing.

Our tip ? Go get yourself a MiFi or try and grab the Xoom with a contract.

Link – Carphone Warehouse
Credit – Drew Francis

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  • they must be high at that price! either get your self a wifi one and tether as you suggested or get a vega and tether that!! :)

  • if its anything like the galaxy tab, the price will sharply drop. I picked up a galaxy for a mere £250 (brand new from hmv) a month ago.

    the price will drop, i mean who in their right mind dropped £599 for a galaxy tab when it first came out.

    • £250 Galaxy Tab, well done. My HMV did not even know what they were

    • Howard

      The technology in the Xoom is far superior to the Galaxy Tab, when Samsung release their 10.1″ version it is most likely to retail at the same price..

    • Cobue

      Samsung are replacing it with the Galaxy Tab 2, I think that’s the reason for the price drop as no one would pay £599 for a device that’s being replaced imminently an Samsung need to sell them before the new one is released.