Samsung Galaxy Pro Coming To Three

Three have just announced they are to sell the new Samsung Galaxy Pro here in the UK.  The Galaxy pro is an Android device will QWERTY keyboard (like a BlackBerry)

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Samsung has just announced their Samsung Galaxy Pro and I’m happy to confirm that it’ll be coming soonto Three.

The Galaxy Pro is a great smartphone, it features a 2.8” touch screen and a Qwerty keypad and runs on Google’s Android 2.2. This gives you access to over 200,000 apps that are available to download from the Android Market. So whether you want an app to allow you to listen to music, do your weekly shop, interact with your friends. They’re all there, ready and waiting.

One of the things about the Galaxy Pro is the hotspot feature, you can turn your Galaxy Pro into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot at the touch of a button; this is great for those of you who are on the all-you-can-eat data on the One Plan as you can always be connected to the internet and you won’t have to worry about your bill at the end of the month.

Personally, my favourite thing about the Galaxy Pro is the Samsung’s Social Hub Premium feature which comes for free on the phone. Brendan talks about this in more detail in the video but this allows you to manage your social life from one central place. You can integrate your favourite services such as Instant Messaging, e-mail (I have my work and personal account loaded) and social networks in your smartphone and Social Hub updates them in real-time. It’s a great feature that I think you’ll really enjoy it.

There are lots of other exciting features on the Galaxy Pro but this is just a sneak peek – Brendan and I will be back to give you a full unboxing review once it’s available on Three. For now, let me know what you think.

Link: Three Blog