Coolsmartphone Recommended App – Wave Launcher

“Wave Launcher is a unique, gesture enabled quick action bar for Android. It resembles a well known and loved feature on WebOS phones like the Palm Pre” that is what the developers say about this app on the Android Market. What I say about it is “it is amazing”. This app unlike last weeks recommended apps is not free, it currently costs  £0.61 which is an introductory offer.

This app is another way of launching shortcuts without displaying them on your homescreen. In the settings you choose which apps will appear on the bar, you also get to choose which part of the screen to swipe from. Once set up you swipe from either the side of the screen or swipe from the bottom of the screen and a wave appears with your shortcuts on it, you the slide your finger across the wave until you get to the shortcut you want. The nice thing about this app is that you can add shortcuts to your bookmarks, music playlists, direct dials, audio profiles or most usefully you can add folder organizer shortcuts as well, which means you can customise the icons used.

Overall I think this app is great. £0.61 is a bargain. The wave is a new way of launching shortcuts that works in any program you may currently be running. So you could be writing out an email and suddenly need your camera, a quick swipe and you can select it.

Links – Wave Launcher (Market)Wave Launcher Site

Coolsmartphone Recommended App   Wave LauncherCoolsmartphone Recommended App   Wave Launcher