Samsung Galaxy Ace in the house!

Samsung Galaxy Ace in the house! The guys at Three have loaned us the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It was seen hovering around the back of the Samsung stand at Mobile World Congress but, let me tell you, that doesn’t make it bad.

With an 800MHz CPU it has iPhone-esque styling and comes with all the usual Android specs – GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, microSD, accelerometer and a 3.5″ capacitive touch screen. Around back there’s a 5 megapixel camera with flash and a rugged but soft cover for that 1350 mAh battery. The handset, which also has a Adreno 200 GPU, is available now and the box we received contained two rear panels – the black one shown in the video and a smooth white one.

Click on to see our first video. A review will be up shortly.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace in the house!
Samsung Galaxy Ace in the house!

Samsung Galaxy Ace in the house!Samsung Galaxy Ace in the house!

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  • Screen looks awesome like all recent samsung phones, really fluid scrolloing [from what i could see form the video] its good to see a trackpad on a new device too. Not too happy about the nunber of devices coming out sans trackpad – also all features of of remind me of the nexus s from the camara placement and back speaker cover to the menu and back button. I may be tempted to get one if it were for about £150 and not made by samsung :)

  • After lag fixing my Galaxy S I get 1850 on Quadrant :)

  • Err, thats one pretty average quadrant score :(

    Pitty, looked very promising… I’m sure once its rooted and a custom rom put on there that will increase twofold

    Thanks, for adding the quadrant – nice review