Coolsmartphone Recommended App – Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is an app that will graph out your wifi and your neighbours wifi. When it opens and scans your surroundings it will display a graph, the default graph is of Signal Strength and Wifi Channels which allows you to see if your network is clashing with another stronger network nearby. There are five different views in total they let you see channel graph, time graph, channel rating, ap list and signal meter. The app has a load of settings which will complicate allow you to customise how the app work. For instance you can get the app to turn wifi on when you load the app and turn wifi of when you exit. Overall I find it a great app, I have used it at work and at home. At work I used it to set up wireless extenders, by walking around with the app running I can see weak points in our network that need extenders installing. At home I live near a few student houses and at certain times of year I can have a dozen networks interfering with my network, so I shiifted my network onto channel 13 which now avoids all the others (I know that there are not many on the graph shown below). It is a free app so why not give it a try. Click the link below on your device to get straight to the market.

Link – Wifi Analyzer