BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iPhone?

BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iPhone?Yep, expect to see BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) appearing sometime soon for Android and Apple devices pretty soon. BGR has news from “insiders” who state that, following a payment, non-BlackBerry handsest will be able to access the BBM service.

It sounds like a “lightweight” version and the Android version is already ready to go.

Link – BGR

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  • Not really sure how true this is but it would be great if it materialises. I could be totally off but for some reason I can see parallels with Sega chucking in the hardware race and just developing for other platforms. Surely BBM is one of RIMs crown jewels and key USPs.

  • gritDev

    The question is how tight will the BB security be implemented. Can I remote wipe the BB content, is the BB content encrypted even though the underlying OS is not etc.

  • Anonymous

    It better not eat my battery life for breakfast because all other Android IM clients I’ve ever tried do and mean I simply cannot use them.