Coolsmartphone Recommended App – CircleLauncher Light

CircleLauncher is an app that gives you several shortcuts attached to one icon. Clicking on the icon brings up a circle on which the shortcuts sit. These shortcuts can be frequently used apps, contacts or bookmarks. There is a full version as well that costs £0.85 which allows you to use either circle, horizontal or vertical panels. The basic version does have some custom settings for instance you can blur the background when the circle launcher appears or you can change the style of the launcher icon the full version lets you change the main icon. There is no limit to how many icons you have, the only limit seems to be if you put the icon next to the edge of the screen then the shortcuts are all squished up. So you could easily have an apps icon, a contacts icon and bookmarks icon. Overall it is a different way of displaying shortcuts and unlike similar apps does not just present you with a folder of shortcuts.

Links – CircleLauncher (Market)