O2 Age restricted browsing confusion

Using your mobile to browse the web is great and, when that pesky “GPRS” symbol is replaced with “3G” or “H” you can scoot around the internet fairly quickly. Most networks will also employ some clever technology to make sure you’re not viewing adult material or trying to get to gambling websites. It’s fairly standard now and, for the most part, you can get this restriction lifted by logging into your account on their website or calling your provider with some personal details.

O2 seem to have implemented a new system today, with payment provider Bango getting in on the action. O2 customers are now being redirected to this Bango page when certain websites are being accessed. When accessed on your phone it asks for a £1 payment via credit card. Once accepted O2 will give you a £2.50 credit back onto your account after, but customers aren’t happy that this random bango.net page appears with demands for cash. Some have contacted us fearing that it’s a phishing scam, which is a fairly reasonable assumption given the O2 logo appearing on a non-O2 URL. O2 customer James Jermain told us…

“I was trying to browse to www.algadon.com which is a gaming website, but on my phone it suddenly redirected to bango.net/O2AV/mAV.aspx. I’ve never heard of Bango before, so for it to pop up asking for cash was unexpected.”

O2 tell us that customers can also call 61018 and follow the prompts to do this over the phone, but it’s something you should be aware of.
O2 Age restricted browsing confusion

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