HTC Hero update available

HTC Hero update availableA small HTC Hero update appears to be rolling out right now. Version 3.36.405.1 seems to update the HTC Peep app and xda-developers have seen some other files patched too.

Check for updates on your Hero to see if it’s available, otherwise.. just wait longer. ;)

Credit – M Gorvin
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  • I found it by doing a manual check (in “Settings->About Phone”). Installing now. (Sim-free UK Hero)

    • Not sure about Peep (I don’t use it), but this update seems to have fixed a problem I was having where WiFi would switch itself off (and not back on again). It also seems a little more responsive, but I might be imagining that.

  • Tom Ranson

    I just randomly checked for an update today and it popped up. I noticed it also freed up about 1MB of my internal storage too which is nice.

  • nice to see HTC giving some love to the older handsets :-)

  • after reading this I did a manual check on my Orange handset and it’s found it.

  • *Gutted* … let my ol’ faithful backup phone go to phones 4 a-bit-of-dosh or whatever they were called.
    I thought they’d stopped all Hero patches :(

  • Noe

    Do NOT install the update.
    After installation all HTC WIdgets from Screen are removed. And that is the worst: They are also removed from the list of the available widgets.