Google and Vodafone have ‘one of those days’

Mondays eh? Don’t you hate them?

Some people at Vodafone had a great start to the week with (I’m sure) a flurry of panicked calls telling maintenance staff to get the their Exchange centre at Basingstoke ” Bloody smartish”! ( Not an actual quote…) as it seemed that some nasty types had broken in and nicked a load of hardware, leaving the network without Voice,text and data services for quite a few thousand people around the M4 corridor.

Can they not afford to employ security guards? It’s not like they’ve had any big tax bills lately!

Second up for a Monday Fail is Google, who managed to ‘accidentally’  wipe thousands of Gmail accounts!

Google said it wasn’t that big a deal as only 0.08% were affected,but when you have a rumoured 200 million accounts that equates to roughly 150,000 people affected!

It’s not clear if this is permanent or temporary, some are reporting things are back to normal, time will tell.

Source: BBCnews