Coolsmartphone Recommended App – Swipepad

Swipepad is a fairly new app that allows you to hide up to 12 shortcuts behind your homescreen. You can add shortcuts to contacts, audio profiles, settings or apps. If used in conjunction with a program like folder organizer you can create many more custom shortcuts it also work with custom folders as well. Once downloaded you get a settings screen which allows you choose the region of the screen that will trigger the program and that is it really. From the homescreen you press the region you chose and swipe inwards and the program springs to life. You hover over a slot and let go this then lets you choose what sort of shortcut you want. If you press and hold over a slot it will go orange which means you can edit the shortcut. You can also hide empty slots so you could just 3 or 6 shortcuts.

This is a really neat straightforward app that lets you take tidying up your homescreen one step further.

Link – Swipepad (market)