Coolsmartphone Recommended App – Gmote

I have read no end of “top ten android apps” type articles and they are all very similar. Google maps is usually their top app, followed by some sort of task killer! These articles are great for beginners though, they show new users what is possible with their new phone. But where do users who have installed the whole top ten and still want more? Over the next few weeks I aim to come up with some app and game recommendations for things that are a bit more obscure and niche market.

The first of which is Gmote

Gmote is a remote control app. It works over wifi and it lets you control your computer with your phone. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, which is refreshing to see all platforms covered. You install one part on your computer and the other part on your phone. Once both parts have had a chat over wifi, you can use your phones screen as a mouse pointer and you can also use the on screen keyboard to type as well. It does not end there though, you can play back music or film from other computers or from network attached storage. This can be streamed to your device or play it back on another computer. This is the easiest ways of playing music or film from network attached storage I have come across. It also has some beta functions that don’t quite work, such as a web element which allows you to search youtube on the devcie and then play it back on the computer. This does not work. I guess future updates will address this. All in all it is a great app that makes media playback on a tv a lot easier. It also is a very easy way of browsing media stored on your network, other apps tend to get way too complicated and usually do not work. I aim to get a couple of apps out each week. If you can think of any we might be interested please let us know.

Links – Gmote SiteGmote (Market)

Coolsmartphone Recommended App   GmoteCoolsmartphone Recommended App   GmoteCoolsmartphone Recommended App   GmoteCoolsmartphone Recommended App   GmoteCoolsmartphone Recommended App   Gmote