Mobile phones – Do they fry your brain?

Do mobile phones fry your brain ? Well, despite several years of studies and reports there still seems to be a certain amount of uncertainty. Today US Government scientists revealed that using a mobile for a prolonged period does indeed increase brain activity in the area closest to the phone. Researchers saw a rise in glucose metabolism but don’t know if this increase is harmful to your brain.

Volunteers were given two brain scans, one with the phone turned off and one with it playing a voicemail message on mute. The 47 people tested were unaware whether the device was operating or not during the testing.

The actual results of this study seem to suggest that yes, using a mobile for a long time right next to your head will indeed change the way your brain works. Whether it’s bad or not is another matter. We decided to do our own research by bashing lots of random words into Google (we’re so scientific) and quickly stumbled across many “fry an egg with two mobile phones” experiments on YouTube. There’s a few fake ones out there, but here’s two we found which seemed to paint a more reliable picture..

Here’s the BBC using 100 mobile phones to try and cook an egg with another 100 phones calling them..

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This video shows two mobile phones calling each other and in use for over 2 hours solid…

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Link – The Guardian