iPad 2 – coming soon

iPad 2   coming soonWe have had lots of stories recently on the plethora of new tablets rushing out this year, as companies look to capitalise on the market Apple’s original tablet proved existed.
We haven’t though mentioned the avalanche of rumours concerning Apple’s sequel.

Rumours on V2.0 started pretty much the day after the first iPad was announced, but Apple could soon put us out of our suspense. Yet another rumour, suggests Apple will unveil their new toy in a week’s time on 2nd March.

This information is based on a Wall Street Journal reporter’s comments, and the WSJ has become Apple’s quasi-official leak forum, so might actually happen. We can definitely expect an announcement soon anyway, but what will be new in the iPad2?

Well people have dedicated whole articles and magazines to rumours of what might be in the iPad 2, but the only certainty appears to be a front facing camera for Facetime. This was a bit of a glaring omission on the first iPad and enough evidence has come forward that we can expect that. Whether or not it will get a rear facing camera as well, is less certain (and unlikely).

Popular rumours have included that the new tablet will have a higher resolution screen, dual core processor, faster processor, it will be made of carbon fibre, it will be thinner and it will have an SD card slot.

A lot of the evidence for these rumours is shaky to say the least, but some kind of processor upgrade is possible, and there probably will be a change to the screen, but it might not be the pixel count.

So rather than adding to the rumour mill, we will eagerly await next Wednesday – probably!

Update: it has been confirmed iPad 2 will be announced 2nd March, as Engadget are proudly displaying their invite for the iPad2 event on their site.

Link Yahoo News

Link Engadget

Apple Event Confirmed For 2nd March
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  • Dan James

    compared to other tabs on the market it will still be rubbish, people only buy it because it has the apple logo on it. I often find apple fan boys have no idea what they are on about as well, they often go on about how Apple is better that microsoft and worth more etc.

    However they seem to forget Microsoft bought $150m shares in apple to stop it going bankrupt, i wonder where they were distributed… as officially MS no longer owns them.

  • its quite a bold thing thing to annouce that (iPad 2) “it will still be rubbish”

    yes I have an iPad and while it works perfectly well for me and fits in with I wast to do with it.

    Might i correct you and say, thats its “rubbish for you”.

    sold millions of units so plenty of people are happy with the product.

    get your coat!

  • Dan James

    i think you just proved my point to me, at no point did i say it was useless. If you read the 2nd line i think what you posted relates to that.

    If you read EXACTLY what i said, “compared to other tabs on the market it will still be rubbish”. No where did i say that the device is rubbish, just compared to others on the market. Tell me 1 thing the iPad does that other devices cant do? and for a lot less money.

    • just get your coat.

      nuff said

      • Dan James

        Very mature.

  • sonicr360

    Dan, I am not buying it because it has an Apple Logo. I am buying it, as I see potential for REASONS I could use it! Not an Apple Fan Boy, but you sound like a Troll :-)))))
    As Andy said… maybe you need to get your coat LOL LOL LOL