Mobile coverage on the Tube – Huawei responds

Over the weekend we spotted news of a deal to finally provide mobile coverage to the Tube here in London. Huawei is said to be sucking up the fairly substantial installation costs and will recoup some cash through maintenance agreements. It’s thought that Huawei will be using this as a way to push further into the UK market. Tube operators, Transport For London and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson are keen to have the mobile coverage underground in time for the 2012 Olympics.

We contacted the guys at Huawei for a comment. They told us that..

“Due to business confidentiality, we are unable to comment on the project at this point, but we can confirm that we are involved in the bidding process. The UK is an important market for Huawei, and we endeavour of providing secure, technologically advanced communication services to the British people. As a world leading telecom vendor, Huawei has a proven track record of providing secure products and solutions to our customers including 46 out of top 50 telecom operators globally. Our newly opened cyber security centre in the UK shows our commitment to ensuring our equipment meets the most stringent security requirements. Huawei is a 100% privately held global company owned entirely by its employees.

So, if things go well you could find yourself on the Bakerloo Line calling the office whilst your face is jammed into the armpit of the guy next to you.

Link – The Sunday Times (PayWall)