HTC 7 Pro – Up Close

HTC 7 Pro   Up CloseWindows Phone had a quiet year but that does not mean there is not impressive hardware out there running the OS, one phone caught my eye which we have not managed to cover yet due to not being available until just a few days ago outside of the USA was the HTC Pro 7.

This device has a slide out QWERTY keyboard very much Nokia E7 style and it has a very solid feel to the hardware.  In fact if it had a front facing camera, tethering and multitasking it would be my ideal device!.

The keys are very well spaced out which gives a great experience when typing long messages and the tilted screen does help when using the phone on a desk.

Below are some photos we took of the HTC 7 Pro.  Hopefully we can get a review device in soon to be able to cover in much more detail.