Skifta – A global remote control

Skifta   A global remote controlWe went to see something called Skifta today. It’s available right now in the Android Market and is “a global remote control for your media”. You can access media on your phone, from the cloud and from media at your home. We spoke to Gary Brotman who told us that they’re the first ever software application to be DLNA certified.

It offers up a variety of sources including channels which you can select from, or you can create your own. Channels include Radio Feeds UK, Picasa, Facebook photos and Revision3. You can also add your own RSS media feeds and podcasts. In addition to the channels you can connect to a remote NAS or computer along with local storage and across the network you’re on. Gary showed us media on his machine in Los Angeles and then chose an output to send it to. Sadly the Congress WiFi failed us but, off camera, I did hear the music stream through the UPnP speaker that was attached.

Streaming TV is also possible through this system and you can use the system to control where your content outputs to. Overall I was very impressed. Video below..

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Give it a try now – just download it via the Market and start playing.

Link – Skifta

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