Motorola Droid Pro Heads To Europe

Great news from Motorola today and that is the Motorola Droid Pro is heading to Europe which personally I am really happy about.  The Droid Pro is a touch screen with full BlackBerry style QWERY keyboard running Android 2.2 FroYo and a 1Ghz processor.


Motorola Droid Pro Heads To Europe

We will be getting some live shots of all the Motorola products later today live from MWC.

Link: Tracy & Matt
Photo Source: Esato

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  • Anonymous

    This is good news. I’ve wanted a Blackberry style Qwerty model with Android and Capacitive touch screen for ages. I’m a big fan of HTC Sense but am not really a fan of landscape qwerty keyboards. It’s more natural to use a phone in portrait view.

    I can type quicker on my ancient Orange SPV C500 than HTC Desire, due to it’s physical keypad allowing me to use both hands.

    Any word on the resolution? (hopefully not some tiny/unsupport resolution). I take it this is stock Android 2.2?