Alcatel One Touch 990 – Up close

Alcatel One Touch 990   Up closeAlcatel have a range of devices on show here at Mobile world Congress in Barcelona. We took a look today at the One Touch 990 today which features Android 2.2, WiFi, HSDPA connectivity, 3.5″ capacitive screen (320×480), 5 megapixel camera and a VGA face-mounting camera. Sure, it’s “only” got a 600MHz CPU but works well enough. Althouh Alcatel tell me that this is targetting the professional / high-end market I’m seeing it more as a mass-market device. Although no networks have come forward to range the device it’s definitely a well put-together unit and does everything you’d expect from (what I’d term as) a mid-range Android handset.

Inside there’s a 1300mAh battery, HSDPA, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, GPS but.. woah.. only 200MB of internal memory. Let’s hope you don’t install many apps eh?

Note – Apologies for the break-up on this video. We blame the rain.

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  • Adrianleveridge

    my alcatel onetouch 990 is useless for sending emails, it just takes ages to send, if at all ! and drains the battery in doing so, mms takes for ever too, and it’s got some really annoying features, like ,if you tilt the phone while trying to send email, it stops sending ! avoid this phone is my advice, still what could i expect for £99 ???