Vodafone launches Webbox – Internet on any TV

No, it’s not just a keyboard. This is the Vodafone Webbox. It turns any TV into an intenet browser and is designed for customers in emerging markets. It’s a 14x25cm QWERTY keyboard with RCA connectors allowing connection to the majority of TV’s. Initially launching in South Africa it connects to the web on 2.5G EDGE data connections and compresses data by around 90% for a fast web experience.

The unit uses Opera Mini 5.1 and also has SMS / email functions, email, media services, FM radio, games, dictionary, text editor and a music player. There’s a one-off cost of €75) with a free 2GB SD card, and prepaid SIM with R12 data credit.

See it in action below…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_gZuo_nRrA’]

Link – Vodafone.com