Nokia allowed to customize Windows Phone 7, others not?

Let’s face it, the partnership of two such large companies was always going to cause controversy. With Windows Phone 7 going into Nokia smartphones many are asking how existing partners HTC, LG and Samsung will respond to the news. Things have already become very interesting with Nokia boss Stephen Elop responding to a question during the announcement today. He told the audience that “Yes”, Nokia would be able to customize the Windows Phone 7. Although he quickly stated that they won’t be making use of this, it’s a smack in the eye for HTC, who were restricted in their Windows Phone 7 devices.

It’s a little too early to see if this rather massive agreement includes some “special allowances” but, if Nokia have been allowed to bend and tweak the Windows Phone 7 OS to suit their needs, it’ll no doubt rock the boat somewhat with LG, Samsung and HTC.

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