A marriage made in heaven?

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Although I’m an Android user I’ve had a good play around with Windows Phone 7 and have been extremely impressed with Microsoft’s new OS. Sure it’s missing some features but overall it looks stylish, is easy to use and in general just works. I prefer Android for the opportunities that it offers for customisation but then I’m not really the type of user is MS is targeting with WP7.

The biggest problem that I think WP7 currently has is visibility. I was talking to my less geeky mates at the pub the other night and none of them had a clue about it. MS has a great product which I think many people would love but they just haven’t managed to get it out there.

This is where Nokia comes in. With the world’s biggest handset maker pushing WP7 as it’s primary smartphone platform the chances its success have just greatly increased. In 6 months time everyone should know exactly what WP7 is about and how good it really is.

It could also be the perfect solution for Nokia. I’ve lost count of the number of N8 reviews I’ve read that concluded with “great hardware, shame about the software”. The prospect of a great OS running on Nokia hardware has to be an exciting prospect for many. I know I’d love to see both Nokia and MS reverse their recent fortunes and really prosper once more in the mobile space.

So what do you think? Is this a great chance at redemption for two fallen/falling giants or too little too late to stop a decline that has been years in the making?