Does Loyalty Matter?

Does Loyalty Matter?

Loyalty.  It would seem that its a fluid state of affairs.  Certainly to a certain mobile network.

I have two devices, one is my mobile, My HTC desire, and one is a data dongle almost at the end of the contract.  On the Desire, I have a ‘Loyalty’ Discount, no doubt for being a thoroughly nice chappie that  they would like to keep as a customer.

Now, in the past, I have had minor issues with them, all promptly resolved, and the staff have been a credit to the company and a pleasure to deal with.

As I mentioned, my dongle is coming to the end f the contract.  I don’t really need it anymore, as my Desire has hotspot capability on the couple of nights a week I may want to use my laptop.  So when the new ‘all you can eat for reasonable personal consumption data’ part was added to the 1 plan, I thought ‘Great!  Ill change my plan, and end the dongle contract’.

I called the network.  After ten minutes of waiting for something to happen on the other end of the phone, I was informed that yes, I can change my plan, but I would lose my discounts.

Hang on a minute.  So let me get this right… I was a loyal customer in August, but now im moving to a more expensive plan, I’m no longer to be treated as such?  The network has had my money for the dongle.  I just want to change my plan.

At what singular point in time did I become less loyal?  Did I do something to upset them?  Do I rate less as a customer?  What do you think?  I think im thinking carefully about that networks dealings with customers.  Im going to call them again at some point, and Ill leave an update here.

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  • Don’t bother. Pretty much every single network has the same approach to ‘loyalty’. Every time my contract ends I feel like I’m battling for better deals and options from scratch, like I was new customer off the street wanting to get a brand new contract. Doesn’t matter if I’ve been loyal for past 18 months or maybe 12 years (as I really have one pay-monthly SIM card for that long).

    The only thing you can effectively do is look for other networks deals, compare their plans with your current deal and if it’s better just ask your operator to match it, at least. Otherwise ask for PAC code straight away (asking for PAC itself sometimes might magically “enable” better deals too) and get away from them. Simples.

  • David Hall

    “At what singular point in time did I become less loyal”

    When you enquired about signing into another many month contract with them? Once you’re tied to them they don’t need to pretend they’re doing things for you anymore, as if you become unhappy you can’t just up and leave them.

    I’ve been on three mobile networks in the UK and all are the same.

  • Matt

    I find that the loyalty I got from T-mobile for past 2 and a bit years has been great.

    1st renewal; £5 a month off my tariff.

    2nd renewal; £10 a month off my tariff. The only thing with that was being tied in for 24months, which at that discount rate, I had no problem doing.

    Cant argue at all.

  • SilentBob

    I joined with Orange when they first appeared in the UK (as part of Hutchinson Telecom). They were fantastic. Yeah, you didn’t have a vast array of phones to choose from and the handsets weren’t as heavily subsidised, but not only were all the perks great but so were the Customer Services. I was with them for many years (about 12 IIRC) and spent lots of money with them. However, somewhere along the line it went horribly wrong – they started becoming like all the other mobile operators. When I decided I may leave, they weren’t interested in offering ANY incentive for me to stay. I went to T-Mobile, where I stayed for 3 years. Leaving only when the guy on upgrades got quite aggressive because I didn’t want the all new G1 that they were pushing.

    After this I went back to Orange. But not because of Orange. But to get what I wanted. I find now that the only way to approach it is to look out for number one. Try and get the best deal no matter who it is with, as long as you have the best outcome possible.

    That said, I did recently stay with Orange, going through my 1st upgrade since returning, and what a completely different experience. I got an absolutely stonking deal for both my wife and I. And the guy I spoke to on upgrades was a lovely fella, and seemed to enjoy the conversation. It was certainly the longest upgrade call I ever made, and most of it was just chat. The end result was that it actually made me feel good about staying with Orange. If only that happened more often.

  • Keithjan81

    Never found being loyal to a network gets you anything. Mobile networks in Northern Ireland are hit and miss when you are outside the big city (Belfast) and larger towns. 3G coverage from all networks is pants over in Northern Ireland – the networks don’t give a toot here.

    When at end of contract and looking to renew they always give sub-standard offers and try tie you in for not just 18 months but 24 months – get real 2yrs in mobile world is alot with feature phones updating quicker than the main software providers Apple, Android, Microsoft.

    Best to ask for you PAC code like others have stated above – always guaranteed network sales folks to come after ya like a train – just don’t let them suck you into a poor offer!!