Does Loyalty Matter?

Loyalty.  It would seem that its a fluid state of affairs.  Certainly to a certain mobile network.

I have two devices, one is my mobile, My HTC desire, and one is a data dongle almost at the end of the contract.  On the Desire, I have a ‘Loyalty’ Discount, no doubt for being a thoroughly nice chappie that  they would like to keep as a customer.

Now, in the past, I have had minor issues with them, all promptly resolved, and the staff have been a credit to the company and a pleasure to deal with.

As I mentioned, my dongle is coming to the end f the contract.  I don’t really need it anymore, as my Desire has hotspot capability on the couple of nights a week I may want to use my laptop.  So when the new ‘all you can eat for reasonable personal consumption data’ part was added to the 1 plan, I thought ‘Great!  Ill change my plan, and end the dongle contract’.

I called the network.  After ten minutes of waiting for something to happen on the other end of the phone, I was informed that yes, I can change my plan, but I would lose my discounts.

Hang on a minute.  So let me get this right… I was a loyal customer in August, but now im moving to a more expensive plan, I’m no longer to be treated as such?  The network has had my money for the dongle.  I just want to change my plan.

At what singular point in time did I become less loyal?  Did I do something to upset them?  Do I rate less as a customer?  What do you think?  I think im thinking carefully about that networks dealings with customers.  Im going to call them again at some point, and Ill leave an update here.

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